How to Renovate

Highly respected Residential Architect Stephanie Skyring collaborates with top industry experts to demystify everything about the home design and build process.

Renovating? Building?

Not sure where to start?

Imagine the time and money you’d save if you had clear plans from the outset.

If you knew how everything (plans, design, build) and everyone (drafters, designers, engineers, builders, tradespeople) worked together.

The steps in the process.

The mistakes to avoid. 

Answers to numerous questions such as:

  • Is my house worth renovating or should I sell and buy something else?
  • What can I afford to build with the money that I have?
  • How do I improve the natural light and breeze in my home?
  • What smart, cost effective things can I do to help the environment?
And that’s only the start…
Stephanie Skyring

Hi, I’m Stephanie

Welcome to

Renovation Collaborative

I’m thrilled to bring you the most comprehensive insider’s guide to home design and building.

I am an Architect with over 20 years experience, 15 of those in my own highly respected practice Skyring Architects.

I am passionate about great design, particularly environmental design because, in today’s world, it’s simply smarter. Environmentally sensitive design saves people money, increases the value of their investment, makes their home more liveable and is ultimately better for the future of our children and our planet.

Yet often people don’t know where to start. To demystify everything about the home design and build process, I collaborate with trusted, experienced industry experts such as design professionals, town planners, tradesmen, interior designers, environmental specialists, suppliers and builders. I also draw upon insights gained from 20 years in the industry to bring you the most comprehensive insiders’ guide to home design and building.

I cut through the mountain of often conflicting information to present clear, pragmatic advice on everything you need to know.

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Renovation Collaborative


Featuring insights from 20 years in the industry and current industry expert advice, I offer 11 written courses that guide you through the entire home design process over the 4 Design Stages oulined below.

Each course can be read in about one hour and includes timesaving template documents and other supporting information.

  • Design Stage 1. Getting Started Learn the essential investigations required before you start design. Save time and money by finding out the opportunities and constraints of your existing house and site as well as the applicable regulations and approvals.
  • Design Stage 2. Concept & Costing Everything you need to create a Concept Design for your renovation or new home, and calculate if your design ideas are feasible.
  • Design Stage 3. Drawings & Selections How to move your Concept Design ideas forward with exterior design, interior design and lighting information. Learn how to design and how to choose quality, environmental, and locally made on building materials and products.
  • Design Stage 4. Construction Get ready to build! Find a great builder, get the best price, manage your building contract and finalise your Construction Approval. And finally, get the best results on site: The steps in the construction process, who is involved and what’s required of you.
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Renovation Collaborative is ideal if you are:

  • Planning to design and manage your own renovation or new home build
  • Working with a professional architect or designer and want to be informed to get the best result
  • A young professional designer wanting to gain knowledge from a respected Architect with 20 years’ experience
  • Buying a house, land or unit and want to know what to look for (and avoid)
  • Looking for smart ideas to make your home more energy efficient and environmental

Or you simply love houses, design and smart new ideas.

Environmental design

it's simply smarter

I am passionate about smart, environmentally sensitive design. It’s what we all need. Not just for us, but for our kids, the next generation and the planet. A focus on environmental design underpins all my work at Renovation Collaborative.

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