Live Online Classroom




Tuesday 7 May 2024 (9am til 1pm, Brisbane AEST)
Friday 14 May 2024 (9am til 1pm, Brisbane AEST)

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About the Live Online Classroom

The Live Online Classroom takes a deep dive into Concept Design to help you solve your design problems and add value and comfort to your home.

I guide the class through the course content focussing on areas where class participants have questions. Each classroom session is tailored to the needs of the group on the day.

  • Send in your drawings & questions: Class participants may send in their home design drawings and one or two questions prior to the class. The drawings and questions received will be reviewed and used as examples to support a useful discussion of the course content so all participants learn from others questions.
  • Ask your questions: During the class, everyone will be invited to ask their questions and discuss their plans for a minimum of 15-20mins. I will provide general educational advice and sketch solutions for discussion.
  • Learn from live drawing: Design solutions to the questions raised by class participants will be explored through live design drawing (via a camera focussed down over a drawing board). As draw I will explain the process of solving residential design problems.
  • Receive the class notes and drawings: All drawings and notes prepared in the class that help to explain the course content will be emailed to class participants on request.


  • Live Online Classrooms are limited to 12 participants


  • Find more information about the class and sending in your drawings and questions after you purchase a ticket.


  • You must have purchased Course 06. Concept Design and logged in before purchasing this Live Online Classroom.  This is to ensure that everyone in the class understands the basics and is able to ask questions for the benefit of all participants.