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What you get


Concise, easy to understand written format full of explanatory images and diagrams.


10.1 Pricing cover letter – Template. Use this template Word document to help you write a cover letter to your builder when you are preparing documents for pricing.  Communicate clearly to get a more accurate price and keep track of all the documents you send.


Access to the Renovation Collaborative Community (Private Facebook Group). Search for answers and ask your questions.

About the Course

Finding a quality builder is one of the most important tasks of your home renovation journey yet it’s often given nowhere near enough consideration.

In this course I guide you through how to find a quality builder, as well as everything else you need to do to get onto site, including getting a competitive market price, co-ordinating Construction Approval and signing a Construction Contract.

This stage is often overlooked because focusing on design and choosing fittings and finishes is more fun.  But if you don’t find the right builder and get the right price, your designs will never eventuate as you have dreamed. Many go into this pre-construction stage with their fingers crossed that everything comes out well because they lack the professional advice and support they need. In this course I take away the stress of the unknown and give you the tools and professional know-how to make the right decisions.

Whatever your project size or situation, whatever you are planning, I will show you how to find the right builder, get the best price and be confident you are on the right track when you start construction.


This course is divided into lessons to guide you through everything you need to know:

  • Lesson 1. Builders. I tell you where to find a quality builder and how to confirm they are reliable and capable of doing a good job.
  • Lesson 2. Pricing. Learn how to prepare and issue your drawings and documents for pricing and how to make sense of the pricing information you get back
  • Lesson 3. Building Approval. Prepare your documents for Approval before construction and learn how the construction work is checked and certified on site.
  • Lesson 4. Construction Contracts. Understand the types of residential contracts you will use, key definitions to understand when you are talking to your builder, vital information to know before you sign and finally, I walk you through the signing process.


1 review for 10. Builders, Pricing, Approvals & Contracts

  1. Jane Austen

    I’ve been really impressed with the information provided in this course. It manages to be practical and to the point but also cover a huge range of topics. There are so many options to consider in a renovation, and this course helps answers those questions, like – Am I making the right choice? How do I resist being overly influenced by trends? How do I make sure I don’t regret my choices?
    There is also a great growing community group for help with those really specific issues unique to your own house.
    Highly recommend!

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