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What you get


Concise, easy to understand, written format full of explanatory images, diagrams and helpful links.


Two concise guide tables covering the entire construction process: Who is involved, what they do and most importantly, the input required from you. Choose the table to suit your project based on your ground floor construction material.

11.1a Construction Process Guide – Concrete Slab on Ground

11.1b Construction Process Guide – Timber Platform Floor

Checklists and template spreadsheets to help you manage your construction contract:

11.2 Variation List – Template. This Xcel spreadsheet template document will help you organise and keep track of your variations and costs.

11.3 Defects Inspection – Checklist.  This checklist provides advice on how to undertake a Construction Defects Inspection.

11.4 Defects Record – Template. An Xcel spreadsheet template document to help you organise the defects you find in your inspection into a clear and professional defects record.

Maintenance guide to help you clean and maintain the various building materials in your new home to keep them in top condition. Locally made products that are low toxic and environmentally responsible.

11.5 Cleaning Guide A handy four page document covering interior and exterior.


Access to the Renovation Collaborative Community (Private Facebook Group). Search for answers and ask your questions.

About the Course

In this course I guide you step by step through the whole construction process.
I tell you what’s going to happen, who is involved and what they do. And most importantly, what is expected of you and when. I talk about your critical obligations under a building contract, and professional strategies to get the most out of your construction team. I tell you all the critical information you need to know during construction to remove stress and uncertainty and help you be prepared. And finally, I give you advice on effective, environmental cleaning products to maintain your new home in good condition for the long term.

I put the course information together with the help of builders and trades, so it’s full of insider knowledge that only comes from working on a construction site.

Whatever your project size or situation, whatever you are planning, I will give you the construction site confidence you need to get the best outcome.


This course is divided into lessons to guide you through everything you need to know.

  • Lesson 1. What Happens During Construction summarises the entire construction process in a handy table so you know what’s coming up next. I show you the trades and consultants involved, what they do and when your input may be required.
  • Lesson 2. Managing Your Construction Contract, covers your critical obligations under the contract. I cover the typical contract payment stages, how to manage variations properly and what happens at Practical Completion
  • Lesson 3. Construction Trades, explains the tasks of the typical trades involved in the residential construction process and the input they require from you to keep the process running smoothly.
  • Lesson 4. Going on site, provides advice on what to be aware of when you visit site.
  • Lesson 5. How to Get the Most out of Your Team, provides professional strategies for working with everyone on site and solving problems to keep your project running smoothly to get the best outcome.
  • Lesson 6. Maintain your new home, lists effective, environmental cleaning products to maintain the various building materials in your new home in good condition for the long term.
So let’s get started!



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