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Access to the Renovation Collaborative Community (Private Facebook Group). Search for answers and ask your questions.

About the Course

How can I tell if a house is worth buying?

How can I tell if a house is worth renovating?

These are critical questions to answer before you buy a house or start on the home renovation journey.

Buying property and renovating it is now incredibly expensive in Australia. It has never been more important to look very carefully before you purchase or renovate and ensure the house you plan to buy or renovate is excellent, or at least has excellent potential.

What makes a house great to live in, and a great investment? A great home will be:

  • functional with room sizes and a layout that suits your needs
  • climatically comfortable and designed to suit the orientation with great natural light
  • connected to the outside with living areas that overlook and connect to outdoor space
  • well built with durable materials that will last
  • attractive to look at, so you are proud to live there
  • free of toxic materials and environmental risks.

A great home will enable the maximum resale value when you sell.

So that’s what you want to end up with, but what are the exact features, dimensions, orientation etc., to look for to achieve these characteristics of a great house? If you are planning to renovate, what are the features to look for that indicate a property has the potential to be renovated into something great? What are the features to avoid so you know when to move on?

In this course I will answer all your questions plus a lot more that you didn’t even know to ask, and give you practical information so you know exactly what to look for and avoid. And, what you can compromise on. I give you the knowledge you need to make the right decision.

Don’t just rely on one house ‘feeling’ better than another. Get the facts, understand exactly what that ‘feeling’ is and the features that make a home great. Learn the issues to avoid and know when to sell.

Wherever you are on your property journey, I will show you what to look for and avoid and empower you to move forward confidently and make the right decision on an excellent property and a great investment.


I have set out this course to support you in how you would typically search for property.

In the first three lessons, I tell you what to be aware of when searching online. There is a heap of property information that you can see online to help you make an informed shortlist of properties to inspect.

  • Lesson 1. Searching online: Real estate websites covers the key considerations when searching properties on real estate websites. There is a lot you can learn about a property from photos, floor plans and its street address.
  • Lesson 2. Searching online: Council research shows you how to find critical information from your local council about any property or building constraints.
  • Lesson 3. Searching online: Property value shows you where to find indicative property prices for your preferred suburbs and for your shortlisted properties.

The next two lessons prepare you with the professional information you need when inspecting properties.

  • Lesson 4. Inspecting the house guides you through the key features to investigate about the land and house.
  • Lesson 5. Inspecting the neighbourhood guides you through what to look for and avoid in the neighbourhood that will add or detract from your property value and quality of life.

In the final lesson I draw some concise conclusions to help you move forward with everything you have learned and know when to compromise.

  • Lesson 6. Moving forward distils the critical basics from the course; the critical property deal breakers that apply whether you are buying or renovating. I give you some smart, cost-effective ideas to solve problems to transform that challenging property into a winner. And if you still need more help, I tell you about other professionals who can help you find the right property.
So let’s get started!



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