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What you get


Concise written format full of explanatory images, diagrams and helpful links.


Checklists to give you heaps of ideas to help you create your design brief. You will use the checklists you create in Course 6. Concept Design.

3.1 Design Brief Checklist – Happy Home

3.2 Design Brief Checklist – Rooms and Functions

3.3 Design Brief Checklist – Furniture


Access to the Renovation Collaborative Community (Private Facebook Group). Search for answers and ask your questions.

About the Course

A design brief is a collection of ideas that capture everything you want to achieve in your renovation or new home.
It’s essential to create some sort of design brief, regardless of whether your project is big or small, for several reasons:

  •  For you: When your ideas are clearly organised they create a picture of what you are trying to achieve.  You can ensure you have included everything you need, and that your ideas make sense aesthetically, functionally, environmentally and financially.
  • For your family: A clear brief enables you to discuss and share ideas with your family or other people involved in your home project (and possibly paying for it)! You can ensure you are all in agreement and heading in the same direction before spending money.
  • For your project team: A clear brief is essential for communicating your ideas with your project team – your draftsman, architect, designers or other consultants and builder.

In this course I guide you through the process of creating a design brief and all the critical information to consider. You will use the Design Brief you create when you start work in Course 6. Concept Design.

A project is only ever as good as the design brief. Get your design brief right and add maximum comfort and resale value and future proof your home.

This course will give you the professional information and advice you need to create a clear, well-structured design brief. Whether your project is big or small, you will start your design journey on the right track and create an excellent home and a great investment.


The course content is divided into lessons that guide you through everything you need to consider.

  • Lesson 1. Communicate Your Ideas. Discover the most efficient ways to capture your ideas and communicate them to help others understand what you want.
  • Lesson 2. How to Make a Happy Home. Cut straight to the critical ingredients for creating a great home, while considering your well-being and personal style preferences.
  • Lesson 3. Design Brief Essentials. Essential house design considerations: Rooms and their functions, furniture for all rooms, and site and environment so your house responds to it’s surroundings.
  • Lesson 4. Budget & Investment Value. Define an appropriate budget for your project that aligns with your brief.
  • Lesson 5. Finding Space – think outside the box. Smart, cost-effective alternatives to custom renovations.
So let’s get started!



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