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What you get


Concise written format full of explanatory images and diagrams.


Architect, Building Designer & Drafter – Comparison tables to help you understand the different services provided and determine the best fit for your needs,

4.1 Who will design and co-ordinate your project? This table compares the key tasks that can be done by you or a consultant.  It shows you the best fit consultant options based on your preferences.

4.2 Architect or Building Designer – Who should I choose for design? This table shows you the best fit design consultant option based on your project constraints  – budget, site and design requirements.

4.3 What drawings and documents will I get? This table compares the design service, drawings and other documents provided by the three consultants.

Template letter to help you ask for what you need and get the best results

4.4 Survey quote requirements – Template Complete this checklist to cover your project needs and send as a brief to your surveyor to obtain a more accurate quote and complete survey document.


Access to the Renovation Collaborative Community (Private Facebook Group). Search for answers and ask your questions.

About the Course

In this course I provide information about all the typical consultants required in the renovation or new house design and building process, and help you make the right decisions for your needs and budget.
For each consultant I explain:

  • What they do,
  • Whether you need them on your project,
  • The assistance they provide and the design stage when it occurs, and
  • A guide to their fees to help you with preliminary budgeting.

I also give you professional advice on how to get the most out of your consultant team and achieve a fantastic outcome.

You may only renovate or build a few times, so everything you come across will be new. You will be on a steep learning curve. Experienced consultants have been involved in hundreds of projects and will have obtained vast experience. They bring all this knowledge to your project, delivering a better outcome. Good consultants will save you time and money and add substantial value well above the amount they charge for their fees.


To gather the information for this course, I spoke to all the consultants. I wanted to confirm that all my information was accurate, and I learned a lot in the process! I don’t deal directly with many of these consultants, and even those I do, the way I work with them as an Architect is often different to how you would work with them as a non-professional consumer. It was so interesting to understand these very talented individuals better, so I hope you enjoy learning as much as I did!


This course is divided into lessons that guide you through everything you need to know.

  • Lesson 1. Drafter, Building Designer or Architect? explains the differences between the three building design and drafting consultants to help you work out who is the best fit for your needs.
  • Lesson 2. Primary Building Consultants covers those required on most projects: land surveyor, structural engineer and geotechnical engineer.
  • Lesson 3. Approval Consultants covers the two consultants that help you with approvals: town planner and building certifier.
  • Lesson 4. Optional consultants: covers other valuable consultants that you may need: Cost Estimator, Interior Design and Landscape specialists.
  • Lesson 5. Get the most out of your team provides professional advice on how to get the most out of your consultant team. It covers advice on quotes and agreements, the importance of taking ownership and getting involved, and clear communication.
So let’s get started!



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