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What you get


Concise written format full of explanatory images, diagrams and helpful links.


Checklists of important information to consider:

5.1 Site Investigation – Checklist. All the features of your land that will affect your Concept Design.

5.2 House Measure – Checklist. All features you need to consider when measuring a house or a room.

5.3 House Measure – Instructions. A step by step guide to accurately measuring your house and preparing a base floor plan, ready to use in Course 6. Concept Design.

5.4 Room Measure – Instructions. A step by step guide to accurately measuring a room and preparing a base room floor plan and all wall elevations, ready to use in Course 9. Interior Design & Lighting


Access to the Renovation Collaborative Community (Private Facebook Group). Search for answers. Ask your questions.

About the Course

Site investigation is about finding all the critical information – opportunities and constraints – to be addressed in your concept design.
This includes information about your house, land and surrounds, any regulations that apply and approvals that must be sought.

Understanding and addressing all this information before you start concept design always saves time and money. In addition, designing your home to properly address your site and surrounds will enable it to function better, be more comfortable to live in, cost-efficient to run, and a more valuable investment both now and into the future.

In this course I show you the site investigation information you need to know, the process to find it and where to find help. It will get you started on the right track to creating an excellent home and a great investment.

Not sure if you will renovate or sell?

I tell you the essential site info you need to know now in concept and feasibility stage, and the info you can leave until you decide to proceed.


The course information is broken down into lessons to help you gather all the information you need

  • Lesson 1.  Your Land covers the information about your land, also known as your site. It looks at the features, opportunities and constraints to consider both above and below the ground.
  • Lesson 2. Your existing house is only for people who are planning a renovation. It covers how to find or prepare accurate floor plans. You will need these plans in Course 6 when designing your renovation.
  • Lesson 3. Your climate recaps the information from Course 1. Environmental Design – orientation, sun path and breeze direction.
  • Lesson 4. Creating a Base Plan shows you how to collate all of the site information you have gathered in Lessons 1, 2 and 3 into one base plan drawing, for use in  Course 6. Concept Design.
  • Lesson 5. Regulations & Approvals walks you through the typical approvals required for houses in Australia and tells you where to find the regulations you need to follow when preparing your Concept Design. Finding this information early will save you time and money and make the design and construction process much more enjoyable.
So let’s get started!



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