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What you get


Concise, easy to understand written format full of explanatory images, diagrams, and helpful links.


Material selection guidelines and templates. The material options and suppliers information is designed to make the process of selecting materials and products as easy and efficient as possible. I tell you the mainstream choice, my preference and other more environmental options where available. I give you a cost guide range so you can work out if it’s in your budget, tell you the important technical pros and cons and design tips. Plus I give you template schedule documents to help you professionally organise your selections

8.1 Exterior Materials – Options

8.2 Exterior Materials Schedule – Template

8.3 Paint and Clear Finishes  – Options

8.4 Paint Colours and Finishes Schedule – Template


Access to the Renovation Collaborative Community (Private Facebook Group). Search for answers and ask your questions.

About the Course

Don’t design your home from the inside out and overlook the exterior design!

A fabulous home exterior design that responds to your climate will optimise your property value, comfort and cost efficiency and give you a home to be proud of.

In this course, I show you how to create exterior elevations that look fantastic, function properly to suit your climate, and are environmentally responsible.

You will learn:

  • Design ideas and strategies to create attractive exterior wall elevations that respond to your climate.
  • How to implement the ideas when you are designing.
  • Where to find exterior materials that are quality, cost-effective, low maintenance, environmentally responsible and locally made.

By the time you get to this Exterior Design course, your Concept Design plans will have been drawn into Draft Construction drawings on a computer.

I will show you how to improve the exterior elevations of these computer drawings to make the outside of your house really come alive and look at good as the inside. You will also receive practical tools, examples and explanatory images and videos.You also have the option to join an LIVE ONLINE CLASSROOM, where I demonstrate how to solve design problems with live design examples and discussion. Plus you have the opportunity to ask questions about your plans and ideas.

Whether your project is big or small, this course will give you all the professional information and advice you need to create an excellent home and a great investment.


The course is broken down into lessons to guide you through everything you need to know.

The first two lessons are about Design

  • Lesson 1. Design: Ideas for elevations, I show you design ideas and strategies to improve the appearance of your home exterior.
  • Lesson 2. Design: Exterior design process, I show you how to use the ideas you have learned and work over the elevations provided to you from your drafty to improve the exterior design and 3D form.

The remaining lessons are about selecting exterior materials, products and finishes. 

  • Lesson 3. Selections: About explains how the selection information is organised to save you time and help you use cost-effective, environmental and locally made materials.
  • Lesson 4. Selection: Doors and Windows covers everything you need to consider when selecting windows and doors, such as frame material, sizes, screens and security.
  • Lesson 5. Selection: Exterior Materials covers the options and I tell you my preferences and why.
  • Lesson 6. Selection: Exterior paint and finishes provides advice on selecting and using paints, colours and timber finishes. Plus, where to find free paint colour advice if you need it.



Before you start work on this course you will have had your Concept Design plans professionally drafted into Preliminary Construction Drawings, including:

  • Site plan (at 1:200 scale)
  • Floor plans of all levels (at 1:100 scale)
  • Roof plan
  • Elevations of all sides of your home

You need a printed set of your preliminary drawings in front of you ready to get started on refining the exterior elevations. 

Live Online Classroom

Prefer to learn in a classroom format, with the opportunity to ask questions about your home design?

Find out more about the Course 8. Exterior Design: Live Online Classroom.



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