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What you get


Concise, easy to understand, written format full of explanatory images, diagrams and helpful links.


Example Drawings: A concise range of example drawing options prepared at 1:20 scale illustrating the information you need to design and layout your own interiors: Key features to keep in mind, plus dimensions and setout information to help you create spaces that function effectively.

9.1 Interior Drawings – Kitchen 

9.2 Interior Drawings – Bathrooms 

9.3 Interior Drawings – Laundry

Materials selection guidelines and Template schedules: Concise advice and information to make the process of selecting materials and products as easy and efficient as possible. Options are professionally shortlisted to my preferences, the mainstream choice and more environmental options where available. I provide a cost guide range so you can work out what is in your budget and tell you design tips, technical pros and cons and environmental advice. PLUS Template schedule spreadsheets to help you professionally organise all your selection information.

9.4 Doors and Handles – Options

9.5 Interior Materials – Options

9.6 Plumbing – Selection Guidelines and Australian Made Suppliers

9.7 Appliances – Selection Guidelines

9.8 Interior Materials Schedule – Template

9.9 Paint and Clear Finishes – Options

9.10 Paint Colours and Finishes Schedule – Template


Access to the Renovation Collaborative Community (Private Facebook Group). Search for answers and ask your questions.

About the Course

Do you want to design interiors that do more than just look good?

In this course, I show you how to create kitchens, bathrooms and other interior spaces that look fantastic, function properly to suit your needs, and are environmentally responsible.

You will learn;

  • Design ideas and strategies to create attractive and functional interior layouts,
  • How to implement the ideas when you are designing.
  • Where to find interior materials that are quality, cost-effective, low maintenance, environmentally responsible and locally made.
  • The basics of lighting and electrical and where to find free help with lighting plans and selecting lights.

I give you practical tools, examples and explanatory images and videos. I also provide an optional LIVE ONLINE CLASSROOM, where I demonstrate how to solve design problems with live design examples and discussion. Plus you have the opportunity to ask questions about your plans and ideas.

Whether you are renovating one kitchen or bathroom, several rooms, or creating a whole new house this course will give you all the professional information and advice you need to create an excellent home and a great investment.


The course is broken down into lessons to guide you through everything you need to know:

The first two lessons are about Design.

  • Lesson 1. Design: Ideas for interiors illustrates the strategies I use when designing interiors.
  • Lesson 2. Design: DIY Interior design process guides you through how to use the ideas you have just learned and create basic interior design drawings to communicate what you want to your builder and trades.

The remaining lessons are about selecting interior materials, products and finishes.

  • Lesson 3. Selections: About, explains how the selection information is organised to save you time and help you use cost-effective, environmental and locally made materials.
  • Lesson 4. Selection: Interior doors and handles, covers everything to keep in mind when selecting interior doors and hardware.
  • Lesson 5. Selection: Interior Materials, covers the options for base interior materials including floors, walls, ceiling and trims, as well as fitout material options for kitchens, laundries, robes and other storage areas. I tell you my preerences and why.
  • Lesson 6. Selection: Interior paint and finishes, provides advice on selecting and using paints, colours and timber finishes. Plus, where to find free paint colour advice if you need it.
  • Lesson 7. Selection: Lighting and electrical, explains the basics of lighting and where to find help with lighting selection and preparation of lighting plans. Plus, information about electrical equipment to consider and discuss with your electrician

Live Online Classroom

Prefer to learn in a classroom format, with the opportunity to ask questions about your home design?

Find out more about the Course 9. Interior Design & Lighting: Live Online Classroom.



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