After 20+ years

in architecture

I want to give back

I want to share what I’ve learnt and help renovators on any budget access creative, environmental home design, beyond the structure of traditional architectural practice.

I want to make the renovation process enjoyable for everyone and take away the confusion and stress that can arise from not knowing what to do.

Right from the early days of Skyring Architects I became aware that full service traditional architecture – being handheld the whole way – was not what many of my clients undertaking renovations were seeking.

They were smart and had good ideas about how they wanted to live.

  • They wanted to know if their project was even feasible before they spent too much money: If it was worth renovating or if they should sell and buy something else.
  • They wanted to allocate their often limited budgets where it would make the most difference: on Concept Design. Full architectural service fees would use too much of their limited construction budget.
  • They wanted to be very involved in the design of their house and interiors but recognised that they needed some professional help to get the most value and comfort. Once we got the basics right they would do the rest: Manage their own project and do their own interior design.

I created Renovation Collaborative with a vision:

I wanted to do more to make home design affordable.

I have always believed that good design is for everyone – not just the wealthy. Architecture used to be accessible to the middle class about 10 years ago in Australia, but as the cost of construction has increased, traditional full service Architecture has well and truly returned to the realms of the elite.

I wanted to do more for the environment and to mitigate the effects of Climate change.

Smart sustainable home design goes far beyond the benefit to the individual home owner. It helps our environment. Houses that are well designed require fewer renovations to adapt to changing needs. They require minimal ongoing maintenance, use less energy and materials and have the least impact on our planet.

So many people I talk to want to do what they can for the environment but they don’t know where to start or how to make any real difference.

I wanted to bring everyone together to create greater change.

There are so many people doing great work to help the environment and make housing affordable. I wanted to bring together industry colleagues with their knowledge and experience, and home owners already trying to do more to improve their home design and environmental outcomes. I wanted to do it in a way that was accessible to everyone regardless of budget.