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Renovation Collaborative does not take money or any other benefits whatsoever from any person. We would never make a positive recommendation encouraging any person to purchase something or engage any business to earn any kickback. We discuss products, suppliers and services and do it for the purpose of educating our readers and we never make recommendations to buy specific products.


  • We publish independent, straight-talking information to educate you on home design matters.
  • We are educators.
  • We do not provide architectural advice, whether it is general advice or advice that is tailored to any reader’s site and personal situation.
  • While we discuss potential options to questions on design and construction matters, these discussions should not be construed as general architectural advice or advice that is tailored to any reader’s personal situation. These discussions are prepared purely to educate readers on architectural matters.
  • When we discuss questions from readers, our opinions should not be construed as general or personal architectural advice and should be treated as educational information to help readers to ask questions, think about issues and be in an informed position when they speak to their own independent professional team.

Professional architectural advice that is tailored to your specific needs is always preferable before making decisions.

Information provided by Renovation Collaborative is general in nature and is prepared for educational purposes only and does not constitute general or personal architectural design advice. Before deciding to commence any design or building project, you should consider seeking independent professional advice that is tailored to your needs.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
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Warning acknowledgement 
You acknowledge that Renovation Collaborative has given you sufficient warning that any educational discussions or opinions given by Renovation Collaborative through the Services, social media or other forums is information or opinion only and does not constitute general or personal architectural advice.

You also acknowledge that Renovation Collaborative recommends that you always consider:

  • whether the information and opinions are suitable for your unique needs and circumstances and
  • your personal objectives, financial situation and future requirements.

The Services may include information on the past performance of residential design and construction materials, products or appliances. It is important to note that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

The information provided as part of the Services may indicate Renovation Collaborative’s present views. However, Renovation Collaborative’s views may change without notice and you acknowledge that you must seek advice before acting upon any recommendation and make your own enquiries before making any decision.

Renovation Collaborative’s employees and associates may own or use one or more of the materials and products referred to in the Services. These holdings do not constitute general advice recommendations.

Limitation of liability
You acknowledge that Renovation Collaborative will not be liable to you or your associates’ agents for any liability, claim, direct or indirect loss or lost opportunity or any other detriment suffered because of or in connection with your use, or reliance upon:

  • the information or advice provided as part of any educational discussions published as part of the services or any other information accessed in connection with the Services or Renovation Collaborative social media, or other forums;
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  • the failure or poor performance of any design or construction material, product, service or supplier;
  • the failure of any design or construction material, product, service or supplier to meet your expectations;
  • any misrepresentations whether by statement or omission by third parties or any other defects in relation to any design or construction material, product, service or supplier;
  • any failure of Renovation Collaborative’s systems, including information technology and business systems;
  • any advice, recommendations, representations or statements made by Renovation Collaborative or any other party in connection with the Services, Renovation Collaborative social media or other forums which you relied upon; and
  • any services provided by, or representations or statements or opinions by a third-party, whether the third-party was recommended by Renovation Collaborative.

Warrantees and acknowledgements
You acknowledge and agree that:

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  • information and materials in the Services may contain inaccuracies and errors and we expressly exclude liability for any inaccuracies or errors;
  • the Services are designed to inform and educate and Renovation Collaborative does not intend the Services to influence your decision about design or construction materials, products, services or suppliers;
  • if Renovation Collaborative provides you with information and opinions, this has been prepared purely for educational purposes and does not constitute general or personal advice;
  • you should consider whether the discussions and information may be useful to you considering your personal objectives, financial situation and future requirements;
  • if you provide Renovation Collaborative with information about your objectives or future requirements, Renovation Collaborative will not take them into account when publishing discussions or information and opinions and so such information and opinions is prepared purely for education purposes;
  • you should seek advice from a suitably qualified Architect before making any decisions;
  • you must independently assess the quality and adequacy of any third-party referred to by Renovation Collaborative in the Services, social media or other forums;
  • all referrals to third parties in the Services, social media or other forums do not constitute representations as to the merits of the material, product, service or supplier or an endorsement; and
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