Support the economy

and the environment

Why is Australian Made better for the environment?

  • High quality manufacturing standards = products last longer
  • High quality environmental standards = fewer toxic emissions into rivers and the air. Materials come from responsible sources. Waste is minimised.
  • Lower embodied energy in transport = fewer emissions from ships, trains and trucks transporting products from the factory to your building site.

When I started creating this list I knew there were a few products made locally. But when I really dug deeper I was surprised how many great products and materials there actually are. I put this list together to save you time and encourage you to shop local.

It can be tricky to work out which products are actually designed and manufactured in Australia or New Zealand.

Many are:

  • Completely manufactured in Australia or New Zealand
  • Manufactured locally from parts made overseas, or
  • Designed locally and manufactured overseas.

Any support for Australian and New Zealand businesses is better than nothing, but try for products manufactured locally where ever you can.

Download the list of products Made in Australia & New Zealand and start supporting local.

In case you were wondering...

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