I finished high school with a passion for design and nature. I started out in fashion design, but something was missing. My father told me to “find a career that contributes more to the greater good”. His advice has always stayed with me.

I ended up choosing Architecture.

I loved it

I love the whole architectural design and building process. I love working with all the different consultants, builders, trades and suppliers and learning from their knowledge and experience. I love working with my clients, sharing ideas and creating a unique home that reflects who they are. Whatever their budget. I love making my clients happy.

I’ve worked in large and small architectural practices across commercial architecture, residential architecture, interior design and environmental design. In Brisbane and London.

I have worked as an environmental design consultant advising other architects on how to improve their environmental design, and with Brisbane City Council writing environmental guidelines for new large scale building developments in Brisbane.

I’ve always had a passion for environmental design, and how it can positively impact the individual home owner, as well as our planet.

A new mission

Ever since university, my mission has always been to help people and the environment through creative, affordable, functional and sustainable residential design.

But after 20+ years in practice I wanted to find a way to share my knowledge with more than one client at a time. I wanted to help more DIY renovators get the information they needed to do their own thing better, in a step-by-step accessible way.

So I created Renovation Collaborative.

Architecture on your terms